The Truth and nothing but the truth over Broadfoot incident – but what is the truth?


According to The Scottish Sun, ‘Broadfoot was targeted by his own yob fans when they surrounded his motor as he headed home from a game’.

The article went on to claim that Rangers fans pounced on Broadfoot’s car as it stopped at traffic lights. Broadfoot’s mum, dad and nine-year old nephew were in the car at the time, when fans started bashing the windows.

This act, was allegedly followed by Broadfoot’s father getting out of the car to confront those ‘louts’ with Broadfoot getting out to try to calm things down before police arrived on the scene.(Click on the following to find out tips on how you can Work on your credit score to get the best financial aid in the future)

An unnamed source told the Scottish Sun: “Kirk was getting trouble from fans during the game. They were shouting abuse at him for what they thought was a poor performance. He’d been getting pelters. They just don’t seem to take to Kirk.

“After the game, at about 3pm, three so-called fans got in front of his car at traffic lights when he was driving his family home. Kirk’s dad got out of the car first to have it out with them, but Kirk followed quickly to make sure everything was ok. There were police in the area and they came over to deal with the situation.

“Kirk and his dad were able to get back into their car and drive off while the police dealt with the supporters.”

The Scottish Sun claimed that ‘tensions between the star and fans rose during the SPL champions’ first league defeat of the season’. When a group of fans ‘were involved in a war of words with Broadfoot at a corner kick’.

A Strathclyde Police spokesperson said: “There were three fans involved and they were giving him pelters, but there was no violence involved.”

Meanwhile, at rival newspaper the Daily Record they published that, ‘Kirk Broadfoot held clear-the-air talks with Rangers boss Ally McCoist yesterday after clashing with angry fans outside Rugby Park on Sunday’.

They added that ‘the defender was targeted by boo boys during his side’s shock 1-0 defeat at Kilmarnock and was seen trading insults with some travelling supporters during the second half’.

The Record state that the club believe that Broadfoot was provoked, but ‘warned the defender not to get involved again when he was confronted by a group of supporters who hurled abuse at him as he drove away from the ground with his parents and nephew’.

Another unnamed source said: “Kirk was driving away from Rugby Park when this group of supporters spotted him. They were actually hitting his car as he went past, it looked like he was going to need a Windshield Replacement since they shattered all of it. Kirk’s dad got out to appeal for a bit of respect. Then Kirk got out and maybe in the heat of the moment he may have said one or two regrettable things.

“That’s why he wanted to have a word. Ally is not angry with him. He can understand why a player would want to react in such circumstances – especially when it’s happening in front of members of his family.

“But he thinks Kirk should know better. There are certain things Rangers players just shouldn’t do and getting involved in heated situations with your own supporters is high on the list.”

So who was it that actually confronted the fans? The Scottish Sun claim that it was Broadfoot’s dad and that Broadfoot tried to calm things down. Yet the Daily Record claim that it was the father who tried to calm things down and Broadfoot ‘in the heat of the moment… said one or two regrettable things’.

So the papers have had their say, two days after the incident took place. Yet the fans on Sunday night also had their say.

One fan posted on the Follow Follow Rangers messageboard:

“I was down the front of the chadwick stand today, just to the right of the goal as you look at the pitch, basically the side where Kilmarnock won their corner in the 90 +2 minute or whatever it was.

“Well, our team came back to defend the corner and Broadfoot comes to cover the front post, where he turns to the Chadwick stand and smiles. Not sure what this was about, but it looked like it was to do with the fact that some guys were pouring up the stairs to head home.

“Anyway, I took exception to this and shouted very loudly straight at him: ”It’s not funny Broadfoot, get your finger out”

“He then just lost it and started gesturing straight back at me pointing towards the dugout/players area in a see you outside there sense. Basically calling for a fight.

“When this happened about another couple hundred bears were witness and started straight back at Broadfoot calling him for everything.

“The play broke from the corner, however Broadfoot meandered out of the box whilst still facing the Chadwick and gesturing straight at me/us to meet him round the front entrance later.

“The final whistle then goes shortly afterwards and Broadfoot makes his move towards the Chadwick still gesturing to me and fellow fans to come round to players entrance etc.

“At this point McGregor moved swiftly towards him trying to huckle him up the tunnel, however the gesturing and shouting from him continued.

“The result was myself and hundreds around me screaming straight back at him for his behaviour.

“Now I am not trying to paint our players in a bad light for no reason, but I thought this behaviour was shocking and not impressed at all. Debating whether to chalk it up to emotions running high or a serious personal destruction of character by the lad.”

Another fan report doing the rounds stated that:

“As reported in other threads, broadfoot wanted a square go with bears in the crowd allegedly.

“Well at 10 past 3 he tried to attack on three guys in Dundonald road. The audi that he was in stopped 20 yards in front of me and my mrs, big kirk jumps out and tried to stick the head on one of 3 guys that were on the other side of the road.

“other people in the car came out and held kirk back, lots of shouting and arguing, plod came running to see what was going on, seen it was a rangers players and ordered him back into car, he was bundled back into the car by his mates and drove away.

“plod interviewed the 3 guys for 10 mins then sent them on their way. the guys were not wearing any football colours.

“this is no way a rangers player should act and in my opinion he crossed the line.”

So with the fans claiming the above in regards to Broadfoot and the papers claiming what they reported also, what is actually the truth? If the fans are solely to blame for giving a player pelters and then the player reacting like what has been alleged – then should Broadfoot be held accountable for his actions? And if the fans were at fault and harassed Broadfoot both during the game and then banging the windows of his car with his mum, dad and nephew in the car – why did the police allow the fans to leave when they were allegedly harassing and confronting Broadfoot away from the match?

As the X-Files told us time and again, the truth is out there.


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Andy Muirhead is the Editor of Scotzine and the Scottish Football fanzine FITBA. He is the Scottish Football columnist for The Morning Star and has written for a number of other publications including ESPN, Huffington Post UK, BT Life's a Pitch and has had his work featured in the Daily Record, The Scotsman and the Daily Mail.

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