Red or Blue? A Power Shift in Manchester?


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Is this the power shift? By the results in the city, probably, the blue side has the money, the players, the manager, and the stadium to change the flow of the sport in the area. The Red Devils are used to getting all the breaks, the wins, the money etc. And they don’t even get the majority of the news stories anymore, that’s more of a Blue thing now. Or it’s more because of a certain ex-United Striker sitting on “Gardening Leave” because he was a petulant baby.

By the looks of everything, this is the shift in power, for at least this time period in Manchester, but not the league. With Fergie being old, and financial fair play coming in soon, Manchester United probably can’t sustain their level of success. Here’s a nugget to think about, in the early parts of the last two EPL seasons Manchester United hasn’t beaten Manchester City. (Last year it was 0-0 at Etihad Stadium on November 10th). The Citizens have the players, and the money to challenge for the top spot this year. Meanwhile what does Manchester United have?

Well they have a young, expensive, dodgy goalie, centre halves who get injured, thrown out, or just can’t play, an unsettled midfield with young players, and well Ryan Giggs, and two head case strikers who could set the league afire if they had their heads on straight. Oh and they have the overhyped Ashley Young. It’s not that young is bad, he’s just not Manchester United level, he’s not Wesley Sneijder. Yeah not good for a top club, thought I wonder if the reason why the club did so badly was because Wayne Rooney has hair? Maybe we have to see what the odds we could get on their title chances from his father.

After the 6-1 drubbing on Sunday, this is the turning point, power switch for the city of Manchester. Fergie said this was his worst match he’s been a part of. And for him to say that, in a career that has spanned many decades says a lot. Only time will tell on how long the power has been shifted to the blue side, but like with anything in football, it’s a crazy world.

Written by Stephen Brandt


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