Celtic donate £10,000 to Poppy Scotland as the Green Brigade bile splits the support again


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The 2011 Scotland Poppy Appeal is set to be launched this week, after donating the money, Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “As we approach Remembrance Sunday next month, we remember the victims on all sides of all conflicts. Many people from all walks of life have entered the Services, and indeed, we all remember the contribution which so many Celtic players made during both World Wars.

“We are pleased to make this donation which will hopefully assist many people in Scotland dealing with devastating injuries.

“We understand fully the tragedy of conflict and the wider effects which this brings, which is why we are also pleased to support War Child, the global charity which cares for the child victims of war in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq and across Africa.”

Ian McGregor, Chief Executive of Poppy Scotland said: “We are extremely grateful to Celtic Football Club for their continued support of the Scottish Poppy Appeal. This generous donation will enable us to continue to deliver our life-changing work for Scotland’s Armed Forces community.

“As well as continuing to fund therapy, housing and retraining for veterans, we are also hoping to introduce short breaks for the families of Service personnel who are away on active duty.

“As we indicated last year we feel that after three very successful years of the poppy shirt initiative with the SPL, we wanted to work with each club individually to develop a range of new activities. Today is just one example of how the clubs are getting behind the Appeal this year and we look forward to building further on the excellent relationship we have with Celtic, and the other 11 clubs, in the coming weeks.”

However this time of the year also brings the predictable protesting from the Celtic supporters group, the Green Brigade. The group over the past couple of years have protested against the Poppy being worn on the Celtic strip and being forced to what they claimed the remembrance weekend is all about – “the recognition of the British Armed Forces as heroes”.

Already the comments have been flowing on the Green Brigade forum, some of them are listed below:

“Completely against this personally as I think a good section of our support will be but the powers that be have once again shown they don’t give two hoots about the views of the supporters as long as they are sending out the right image and making money they couldn’t care less.”

“It puts into perspective how distant the relationship is between the board and the fans, pure disgusting. Giving money to they child-murdering b******s. Funny thing is, there’s Celtic fans out there quite happy to see these sort of donations. F**k sake, a quick look on KDS and some of the comments on there are totally mind-boggling. Club is f****d from top to bottom.”

Despite the views shown by the Green Brigade and its members, there are those Celtic fans who back what the club have done. Some members on the Celtic supporters website Kerrydale Street have said:

“Nice gesture from the club.”

“Good cause and nice gesture. I’ll make my own personal contribution again this year. I’ll also wear a poppy when the times come round and it doesn’t bother me if a poppy appears on a jersey for a game. You are all welcome to you own thoughts on this matter just don’t go persecuting those with different feelings.”

“Clearly a section of our support support this charity so why should the club not donate?”

“I’m delighted the club have made this very public gesture as I feel it better represents my sentiments.”

“Good enough for me. Keep it up to individuals to decide if they want to wear one. Happy for the club to make a donation to a charity.”

“Pleased to here this. Don’t care about the publicity aspect; just glad we’ve chosen to donate to a worthy cause.”

Despite the comments above on KDS, some fans still claim that the Green Brigade are the heart and soul of the Celtic support.

What are your views on Celtic donating money to Poppy Scotland? Are the Green Brigade right to protest? Should they be banned? We want to hear from you.


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