Poisonous relations between Rangers FC and HMRC as Whyte’s woes increase


Relations between Rangers FC and HMRC have been described by an Ibrox insider as “poisonous”. The latest twist was the visitation from HMRC staff to serve papers. The bank accounts of the club HAVE been impeded by legal means.

To add to Mr.Whyte’s woes there is concern that the Martin Bain case will come to court and the specific details of the takeover of the club will be revealed.

Mr.Bain is seeking over £1.3 million in compensation after being dismissed by the club earlier this year. The former Chief Executive learned of his sacking while on vacation in the USA.

In the court papers there are transcripts of boardroom meetings around the time of the takeover. These minutes shed light on the real nature of Mr.Whyte’s arrangement with Lloyds banking Group over the monies owed to them by the club.

The question that no journalist in the mainstream seems to have asked heretofore is: “how did Mr.Whyte raise £18 million to pay the bank?”

Perhaps the first question to have been asked was: “Did the bank actually get paid in full or were they just happy to be out of the hostile Glasgow limelight and give Mr.Whyte time to pay?”

With the club’s bank accounts frozen as Chick Young said on the BBC last night: “there are dark clouds over Ibrox.”

Any other view is becoming increasingly difficult to spin.

Written by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

A Freelance Journalist based in Donegal, Ireland, Phil has broken some of the most high-profile exclusive stories in recent times regarding Scottish Football. From the Hugh Dallas email scandal to the Rangers tax issue, the Neil Lennon letter bomb attacks not to mention tackling the racist Famine Song. Phil has written for the likes of Celtic View, Caledonian Mercury, Irish Independent, Guardian, Irish Post and The Irish Times.


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