In The Courts – Rangers ‘Agree to Hand Over Documents’ to Bain’s Lawyers; David Goodwillie Sued by His Agent


The Rolls of the Court of Session are rarely an exciting read for anyone, let alone football fans.

However, every so often, they reveal a nugget of information.

Today’s list, for example, revealed two football connected actions.

Martin Bain v Rangers

Firstly it confirmed, as I had reported previously, that a further hearing in the case of Martin Bain v Rangers was scheduled to take place at the Court of Session at 2pm tomorrow (30th September) before Lord Malcolm.

However it is being reported tonight on Twitter by the BBC’s Alasdair Lamont that:-

#Rangers and Martin Bain won’t be back in court tomorrow as planned as agreement was reached re: documents requested by Bain’s lawyer …

#Rangers have agreed to hand over a certain amount of what was being requested, though not all

This news avoids His personal injury attorney northfield nj having to determine the application for Rangers to produce documents, and avoids the undoubted internet speculation that would have followed any decision as to whether Lord Malcolm was a fan of Rangers, Celtic, Heriots FP or Dukla Pumpherston – (though of course any such allegiance would have been rendered irrelevant
by his judicial oath.)

It is understood that Mr Bain’s legal team were looking particularly for Rangers to hand over documents in connection with the investigations of the Independent Board Committee (IBC) into Mr Whyte’s takeover of Rangers. An agreement to hand over most of what is being looked for avoids Mr Bain’s QC telling the judge, and the world as the court hearing would have been in public, precisely what he was looking for and why. Whilst this does not prevent the documents being referred to in court, it prevents there being discussion of them right now, and avoids the undoubted media attention that would have been focussed on Mr Whyte once the hearing had taken place.

In legal circles the hearing had been described as potentially “explosive”. However the developments reported tonight mean that the Scottish Court Service will no longer have to make arrangements for the hearing to be an all-ticket affair!

Mark Donaghy v David Goodwillie

Secondly, the “Calling List” section of the Rolls of Court, detailing newly raised court actions, has one in the name of “Mark Donaghy t/a Arena Sports Management, Suite 48, Spiersbridge Business Park, Glasgow AG David Goodwillie…”

I cannot be certain that this is the same David Goodwillie transferred from Dundee United to Blackburn earlier this year (and nearly, at least according to Gordon Smith, to Rangers) but there are not many people of that name in the UK!

I can say that Mr Goodwillie was represented by Arena Sports Management operated by Mark Donaghy, the Pursuer in this action who is represented by McClure Naismith, Solicitors. There were comments during the “will he, won’t he” saga regarding Mr Goodwillie’s transfer in the summer that Elite Sports Management now represented him.

Bearing in mind Mr Goodwillie’s prominent recent legal difficulties, especially as his agent would probably play an important role in assisting his client through these, I suspect the Blackburn Rovers star does not want to be back in the courts so soon.

In any event this would appear to suggest that Mr Goodwillie and his erstwhile agent have not been able to resolve matters amicably. This might not be unconnected to the fee an agent is due on negotiating a transfer and new contract for the client. Where a transfer fee of in excess of £2 million pounds, and a commensurate pay packet are involved, there is a lot of money at stake!

Further developments in both cases are awaited eagerly.

Written by Paul McConville | http://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com


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