FC Sion launch £3.5 million compensation claim after UEFA expulsion


Sion are reportedly set to launch a compensation claim against UEFA following their expulsion from the Europa League. The Swiss club have said that they will make an initial claim of around £3.5 million, with some reports suggesting a significantly higher demand.

The losing finalists in the Europa League receive €2,000,000, while the winners receive a paltry €3,000,000, far less than what Sion are actually claiming in compensation.

The Swiss club have also threatened to make a criminal complaint against UEFA after a Swiss court backed their fight for reinstatement, despite knowingly fielding ineligible players.

Despite beating Celtic 3-1 on aggregate in the play-offs, the Parkhead side were reinstated to the competition and a place in the group stages of the competition. Celtic travelled to Spain yesterday for their opening match against Atletico Madrid which kicks off tonight.

A Sion spokesperson said: “We send today a first order to pay to UEFA, and directly to its president Michel Platini, for more than 4million euros. UEFA believes that it rules the world. The law of the jungle couldn’t rule football.”

The spokesperson added: “Yesterday (Tuesday), it was a clear case of misfeasance. Swiss Court won’t let the case fall, because they obliged UEFA to reintegrate immediately Sion in the group stage. UEFA now infringes Swiss laws, that means that penal proceedings can be prosecuted.”

Despite stating that the club would travel to Madrid to play the game, Sion have now backed down and cancelled their plane and hotel rooms, but still believe that they will be reinstated as they plan to take their case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The spokesperson said: “We’re not flying to Madrid today. The players and coaches are very disappointed. But we still believe we can integrate the group stage later. We now wait for damages for the harm. An appeal to CAS will probably be made this week. We wait for the written judgment and explanations.”

Source: Daily Mail | FC Sion


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