Celtic FC withdraw co-operation with the Daily Record over this morning’s article


After this morning’s article in the Daily Record, Celtic FC have issued a statement after the newspaper carried a back page headline asking: “WHO’S MORE HATED AT IBROX? Is it Lennon or the taxman?”.

A spokesperson for Celtic Football Club commented: “Clearly, given the year Neil Lennon and his family have experienced – with bombs, bullets, death threats and physical assaults – this kind of reporting is inflammatory, highly irresponsible and quite simply offensive. For this newspaper to treat the matter in this insensitive and ill-judged manner is astonishing.”

“Celtic has today been inundated with complaints from supporters relating to this story and the Club fully understands their feelings on this issue.”

The spokesperson added: “There is no question, on the eve of a Rangers v Celtic match to use “Lennon, “Hate” and “Ibrox” in a newspaper headline is extremely irresponsible. Neil Lennon, his coaching staff and the Celtic players are very disappointed at this reporting and have jointly decided that they will not be co-operating with journalists from The Daily Record. It is only right that the newspaper delivers a suitable retraction and apology.”

“Neil Lennon as always will continue to receive the full support of everyone at the Club.”

I wonder when Mark Guidi and Hugh Keevins will backtrack over their comments made on Radio Clyde this afternoon:

What are your thoughts on the whole issue?

Source: Official Celtic FC website


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