A failed attempt to censor an Investigative Journalist


The American writer Marshall Lumsden said: ‘At no time is freedom of speech more precious than when a man hits his thumb with a hammer.’

Well today someone hit my thumb with a hammer when they persuaded my web hosting company to suspend my account and close down my site.

If I say the air turned blue you will fully understand my thinking when you discover the people demanding the site be closed were Rangers ‘stakeholders.’

According to the system administrator at the hosting company one Archie Ferguson MCMI, MIET, MBA who claimed to be the representative of a stakeholders group.

We can forgive the member of staff in the hosting company in Australia, perhaps, believed that he represented Rangers FC threatened legal action against me and the company.

According to Archie, I Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, had “harmed the commercial standing and good trading name of this company” namely Glasgow Rangers FC PLC.

Archie and ‘his legal team’ are considering legal action against the company.

According to Archie I had “has shed doubt on the company’s inability to run its financial affairs and implied that there was some impropriety on the part of the company with regard to its tax affairs.”

According to Archie I had written a “litany of…misguided suppositions.”

How did the meeting with the HMRC team at Ibrox go today? Final score Rangers 0 HMRC 1.

I have another question for Archie Ferguson MCMI, MIET, MBA.

Who was the source of the story about the nine million pound “mystery bid” for Nikica Jelavić?

Everyone in the Scottish press knows his identity, but will you read about it tomorrow?

Probably not so why wait? It was Gordon Smith.

You are stakeholder so you will be able to ask your club’s Director of Football.

Tonight on BBC Radio Scotland Chick Young was sombre and dignified about the perilous financial situation at Rangers. Your club is staring into the abyss.

Chin up now Archie.

Dunkirk spirit and all that…

Written by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

A Freelance Journalist based in Donegal, Ireland, Phil has broken some of the most high-profile exclusive stories in recent times regarding Scottish Football. From the Hugh Dallas email scandal to the Rangers tax issue, the Neil Lennon letter bomb attacks not to mention tackling the racist Famine Song. Phil has written for the likes of Celtic View, Caledonian Mercury, Irish Independent, Guardian, Irish Post and The Irish Times.

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