Scottish Football Crisis – no Scottish teams in Europe


With the performances of the Scottish male sides this week in Europe, the public and media is filled with doom and gloom over the state of Scottish football. Are we in a crisis? What has happened? Who is to blame?

If I hear the phrase, ‘we have no Scottish sides in Europe’, one more time, I will need to get hair regrowth treatment. Scottish football is not in crisis. Men’s football is. Women’s football is booming.

Scotland is playing European football. Our Scottish Champions, Glasgow City FC are in the last 32 of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Whilst our male teams lose out to part timers and minnows, our amateur female side can defeat full time professionals and our national side is ranked 23rd in the world, while our male side is ranked 55th. Surely this says it all.

Why is our country incapable of getting behind anything female that is not blonde with a short skirt? We are full of nationalist pride, so let’s support Scotland. Yes, everything Scottish. Football is our treasured sport and we are punching well above our weight in the women’s game. Just imagine where we could be if we actually got behind the game. Imagine it was actually on the back sports page, imagine if it was actually shown on TV or even mentioned on a regular basis…..imagine if you could actually be informed by the media where a game was being played. Seriously!

In terms of support and finance, Scottish women’s football is miles behind its European counterparts. There is only so long we can compete with the full time professional sides, before the gulf becomes so massive, or our girls give up to do something they are appreciated for.

NOW is the time to get behind the winning football teams.

Glasgow City play Valur Reykjavic of Iceland in the last 32 of the UEFA Women’s Champions League on Thursday 29th September at Petershill Park in Springburn. Let’s get behind the game and see what just maybe can be achieved if we really pull together. There is not much else going on in Scottish football right now, so surely the excuses can no longer be made.

Everyone has an opinion on women’s football. It would be nice if for once it was an informed opinion. See Glasgow City play and then decide.


About Author

Laura Montgomery

General Manager of Glasgow City FC Ladies team.

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