Dundee United manager urges Goodwillie to snub Rangers


Dundee United manager Peter Houston has urged Terrors striker David Goodwillie to snub Rangers and to head down south, in a move the Scotland number two, reckons the player will be better off with and will avoid the off-field issues that surround Old Firm players, given his own troubles in his personal life.

Houston said: “If Rangers match any bids from elsewhere it will be up to David where he goes and that will be fine by me. But in my opinion he should get out of the limelight and start afresh somewhere else.

“We keep reading people like Mark Hateley advising David he has to go to Rangers for medals and all this stuff. There is no doubt of all the clubs mentioned Rangers are by far the biggest but in my opinion, as someone who knows David well, with all the troubles he’s had off the field he would be better going elsewhere.”

And Houston also took a pot shot at media pundits urging the United striker to move to Ibrox.

He added: “It’s all very well for pundits to go on about wages and medals but I don’t think they’re thinking about his best interests. Is it in David’s interests to go into the goldfish bowl in Glasgow? I don’t think so.

“I’m from Glasgow. I grew up in the city so I know all about the things that come with playing for either of the Old Firm. I am not criticising Rangers, far from it, and also not because I don’t want him coming back to play against us. I want to be clear on this. In normal circumstances going to Rangers would be a great move because they are a great club. But for David, with all of his off-field issues just now, these are not normal circumstances. David is that good he could go down south just now and still play for Rangers later in his life. People should think about what they are saying before they start giving him advice.

“It’s good that Mark Hateley sits down with his son Tom’s agent and talks things through as regards his career. But if Mark thought clearly would he still be saying what he has been saying when you think of what David’s been through?”

As we reported yesterday, Cardiff are now closing in on the Scotland international and are willing to meet the £2 million transfer fee, that Rangers aren’t. Plus the wages on offer at Cardiff would dwarf anything that Rangers could offer, but Houston does not think that money would be the main factor in Goodwillie’s thoughts.

He said: “I don’t think it will come down to money. Money is not the most important thing in the world to him. What is important to him is getting things right on the park and getting an opportunity to get on with his life. There is lots of learning left in him and he can get better. I’m thinking about David as a person and as a player. All I’m interested in is him being able to go away and concentrate on his football.”

Source: Daily Record


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