Whyte confident over HMRC Tax Investigation


After snubbing the mainstream media, except for selected Sunday papers, Craig Whyte has talked to RangersTV about the specific subjects he banned those journalists he met with, from asking about. Possibly safe in the knowledge that he would not be grilled as much as he would have been by the mainstream press. It is still baffling why the new Rangers owner chose to snub the majority of the press in the first place.

In the exclusive 6 minute interview with the partisan RangersTV, Whyte discussed the tax avoidance issues and sectarian singing & the UEFA sanctions briefly.

With Rangers fans keeping one eye on matters on the field, the other eye must surely be keeping a watch for news on the current investigation by HMRC. However Whyte tried to calm any fears that Rangers fans may have.

He said, “At this moment there is no liability to HMRC. There is a tax tribunal which has been going on for some time. Our advice is that we are going to win the case. I’m confident we are going to win the case and there will be no liability but that won’t be determined for a number of months yet. It is something we have gone into in a lot of detail and I have spoken to the legal counsel dealing with the case who is very confident we are going to win.”

Whyte also spoke on the issue of sectarianism and the recent sanctions imposed on the club by UEFA.

He said: “I think there has been a lot of work done in recent years by the club to stamp out sectarian singing and we have to follow through on that. I understand that there is a problem but we all have to share responsibility and that includes other agencies like the police and the judicial system.

“But if you look at the atmosphere on Saturday at the Hearts game it was tremendous. There was no sectarian singing and everyone had a great time. We want that type of atmosphere every week and I want to support the fans so that they have a good time and enjoy coming to watch the matches at Ibrox.”

And speaking about his predecessor and the success that Sir David Murray brought to Ibrox, Whyte said: “I think Sir David’s legacy speaks for itself. He was a tremendous owner of Rangers and he was here at an unique time when it was possible to get the best players from England to come to Scotland – something that is difficult to do now. I look forward to trying to create even more successes for Rangers.”

Time will tell if Rangers are to be found guilty and punished by HMRC over the ‘tax avoidance’ issue, as well as bringing the kind of success to Rangers that Murray done. One thing is clear though, the Rangers fans have been wooed by his comments thus far, but the words must now be transformed into actions, as there are some that are still sceptical he can deliver what he has promised.

Source: RangersTV


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