The Disgusting & Vile Fall out from the Neil Lennon attack


Everyone can agree, except for those mindless idiots, that the attack on Neil Lennon was disgraceful and another sign of how Scottish Football has dropped into the gutter this season. However there has been very little said on what happened in the stands that night, in the aftermath of the assault on Neil Lennon.

Celtic fans fighting with Stewards and Police in the stand, Hearts fans cheering and clapping Neil Lennon getting attacked, Celtic fans singing and chanting IRA over and over again, Hearts fans singing their version of the Billy Boys and keeping in the ‘up to our knees in Fenian blood’ section, a song that has seen Rangers being punished by UEFA.

That was during the game, but as we mentioned on our twitter feed @scotzine there were also individuals posting personal & contact details claiming to be that of attacker John Wilson, that night and the following day.

However it is now being reported that an innocent mother of two, Jackie Wilson, has been bombarded with threats over the phone using these details posted on twitter, facebook and in various forums, by angry and idiotic Celtic fans.

Jackie’s dad and brother are both called John, yet she is no relation to that of the attacker John Wilson. The sick and disgusting callers reportedly told Jackie that they would rape her family.

Jackie said: “The calls were constant. I’m worried about my kids.”

She also stated that she had received a large number of calls from bigots wanting to thank Wilson for his attack on Lennon.

She added: “The calls were from people with west of Scotland accents. They were saying good on him. They wanted a wee chat with him because he was a legend.”

As the hate-filled thug, John Wilson, jumped the barrier you could see fans in the main stand where he exited from jump up from their seats watching the attack unfold. As soon as Wilson hit Lennon, elements of the Hearts support began to cheer and clap, celebrating the assault on Lennon. It was a disgusting scene which intensified soon after with the Hearts fans singing their version of the Billy Boys – The Gorgie Boys – and chanting ‘up to our knees in Fenian blood’ also. A song and phrase that saw Rangers severely punished recently by UEFA.

And on top of all that, a Facebook page has been created to help raise funds to cover Wilson’s legal costs. A similar ‘fund’ was created for the two Rangers fans who attacked Neil Lennon on Ashton Lane a number of years ago.

These elements must be weeded out of the Hearts support, for they have brought disgrace on the Tynecastle club, and because of this attack and the aftermath from these elements, Hearts are now seen as a sectarian club because of this.

I have to categorically point out that it was not all Hearts fans who sang and cheered, I know many a decent Hearts fan, however as with the Old Firm clubs there are always an underlying hate-filled bigoted element taking up root in the stadiums. And it now proves what many have been saying for a while now, that the issue of Sectarianism and Bigotry is not solely an Old Firm problem. No matter how much the Police, Media and scaremongers like Les Gray like to peddle.

The attack on Lennon sparked elements within the Celtic support to target Stewards and Police, in a frenzied and disgraceful scene of hooliganism that has not been seen in a Scottish Football stadium in years. Yes, the fans were angry that their manager was just attacked, but that does not justify these so-called Celtic fans from resorting to hooliganism.

Whether they were fuelled by booze or some perceived notion that they had the god given right to be outraged and attack innocent individuals over Neil Lennon’s assault, it doesn’t matter. They resorted to an act of hooliganism, which MUST see them banned from Football stadiums for good. They are not real football fans, they are simple thugs.

I have been outspoken over Sectarianism, Bigotry, Racism and Hooliganism on this site in the five years that it has been running. I have been called a t**g, a fenian by Rangers fans and a h*n and a green h*n by Celtic fans. The latter two because of my comments against the singing of songs that glorify the IRA sung by Celtic supporters, not to mention my comments against the Poppy Day protests by the Green Brigade.

Such songs are not wanted in Football Stadiums and those who are of the belief that singing such songs show support for Neil Lennon are in the wrong. It is hypocritical and idiotic to sing songs that glorify the IRA, a terrorist organisation, when the Celtic manager has been the target of a clear terrorist action.

Again this is not an attack on Celtic, the decent amount of supporters etc. This is an attack on so-called football fans who perceive that singing such songs show support to the club, the manager and the team.

On top of all that stewards reportedly rushed to the side of Celtic chairman Dr John Reid after he’d become involved in an altercation with Hearts fans in the VIP/Corporate section. And a Celtic fan in the same section with his wife was ushered out of the ground for his own safety amid claims he’d been spat at.

Peter Lawwell was correct in that Wednesday night’s actions were shameful. The Lennon assault was the major issue and should not be overshadowed by what happened in the stands, it should be reported as a separate incident likewise with the Hearts fan’s who resorted to the vile abuse directed toward Lennon, as well as those Celtic fans who resorted to hooliganism and glorification of a terrorist organisation.

It is time that the football authorities and the Police deal with these issues head on, rather than using them as a political tool to win a few votes or to pass the buck blaming the Old Firm for societies issues, which they have failed to deal with. Name the songs that are banned, name the songs that are allowed, fans who sing them deal with them more harshly than a breach of the peace charge, and rather than sitting back and watching & listening to fans singing said songs and chants in the stadiums, target the culprits and huckle them out of the ground and into cells. Do your jobs rather than getting a free pass to watch games.

This season Scottish Football has been overshadowed by incidents off the park, hopefully next season we can get back to talking about the football. With Neil Lennon still as Celtic manager.


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Andy Muirhead is the Editor of Scotzine and the Scottish Football fanzine FITBA. He is the Scottish Football columnist for The Morning Star and has written for a number of other publications including ESPN, Huffington Post UK, BT Life's a Pitch and has had his work featured in the Daily Record, The Scotsman and the Daily Mail.

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