Sectarian Lynch Mob hang effigy of Neil Lennon in Antrim


A Sectarian lynch mob, with some wearing Rangers tops, have hanged an effigy of Celtic manager Neil Lennon from a lamp-post in Antrim.

Shoppers in Castle Mall, Antrim were stunned when the mob strung up a Guy Fawkes style effigy from a lamp-post outside the High street entrance of a shopping centre.

The effigy was also reportedly taken into local pubs, where it was punched, kicked and spat on during Celtic’s game against Motherwell. After the game, which Celtic won, it was taken the short distance into the town centre and strung up in full view of locals.

One witness, who wished to remain anonymous said, “It was like a white boiler suit which had been stuffed and dressed in a Celtic kit. They had blown up a balloon and stuck a picture of Neil Lennon’s face to it.”

Alderman Bobby Loughran has called for an end to the ‘concerted campaign of terror’ orchestrated against the Lurgan-born Celtic manager. With the latest act of terror, deemed a ‘Serious Hate Crime’ by Loughran and called on Police to take immediate action.

UUP Councillor Adran Watson, said that it was ‘unthinkable’ that any real football fan would support any kind of attack on Neil Lennon.

This latest incident, is just another in a long line of hate-filled incidents that has targeted Celtic manager Neil Lennon. It was only a few weeks ago that the Lurgan-born Lennon was allegedly assaulted by a Hearts fan on the touchline, during the club’s win over Hearts at Tynecastle. And comes at the end of a season where Lennon has been sent viable parcel bombs, bullets and vile abuse aimed at him from the stands.

The campaign of terror directed at Neil Lennon has lasted 11 long years, during which time the Celtic manager publicly stated he had been suffering from depression, and has culminated this year, with a nationwide condemnation of the attacks from all quarters including British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland were unavailable for comment. Celtic Football Club have yet to comment on this latest incident targeting their manager.


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