‘Remain Vigilant’ warns sacked Rangers Chairman Alastair Johnston


Sacked Rangers Chairman Alastair Johnston has warned Rangers fans to remain vigilant over new owner Craig Whyte.

As we brought you this morning, Johnston and Director Paul Murray were axed from the Rangers board by new owner Craig Whyte, after they refused to resign. And Chief Executive Martin Bain and Finance Director Donald McIntyre were suspended pending an internal inquiry.

It is now understood that Bain and McIntyre will remain on full pay until severance terms are agreed, and that Director Dave King, will be the next to be shown the door.

Johnston expressed doubts during Whyte’s takeover of the club, and while he had indicated that he would leave the club on the 15th May, that departure was delayed with Whyte’s agreement, pending the disclosure of more details about the takeover to shareholder, information that is due to be published on or before the 6th June.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland, Johnston said: “I’m not going to make any comment with respect to the current circumstances at the current time, except that I will say – as a lifelong Rangers fan and a real one [is this a dig Whyte’s rumoured support of Motherwell as a youngster?]– that the 26,000 other shareholders in Rangers, as well as the hundreds of thousands of other supporters need to remain vigilant and continue to exert pressure on Mr Whyte to support the club financially as he has publicly committed to do.

“As far as I’m concerned, the next time we see a photograph of him holding up the SPL trophy, let us all hope – especially me – that he has earned the right to do it. The directors all had an independent view on evaluating all the evidence and circumstances that we were privy to – and everyone came to their own decisions. So, I’m not going to second-guess or speak for anyone else.

“I think the biggest force for change at Rangers is for Mr Whyte to appreciate that there are thousands of fans who are going to police his activities. Not what he says, but what he does. I was scheduled to step down on the 15 May, right after the last game of the season, but I agreed with Mr Whyte that I would stay on for a couple more weeks to oversee the circular that he’s obliged to submit to all of the other minority shareholders in terms of what he is going to commit to the club in financial terms.

“Of the position of Liberty Capital, his own personal holding company that purportedly holds the purse strings to the financial commitment he is making in the club, and that was the way we left it last week.

“So, the bottom line is, I had already thought by this time I would have been off the board or stepped down. I said two years ago when I took the assignment that it was never a job – it was one I volunteered for. As chairman, my mission was to shepherd the club from the David Murray era to the era of a new owner.

“I still have a full-time job with IMG, but it was a commitment I made as a Rangers fan and as someone who could immodestly could help the club for the foreseeable future. There was never any intention for me to stay on once a new owner came on board.”

A spokesperson for Craig Whyte said, “Craig has no comment to make on what is an internal matter for Rangers.”

Source: BBC Football


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