Opinion: Reconstruction of the Scottish game


Reconstruction of Scottish football is long overdue, in fact it is twenty years overdue, but there are simple ways to kick-start the process of restructuring the game. The focus of reconstruction should not just be on the SPL, but the entire system. But reconstruction need not be a headache for the hierarchy of Scottish football, I, and plenty like me, can think of three simple ways to ensure progress in the Scottish game.

For a start the McLeish report in April suggested that the SPL, SFA and SFL should work more closely together, when in fact they should merge. What a farce it is to have three governing bodies. This simple solution will allow for a pyramid system to occur from the Third Division to leagues such as the Highland League who currently are stuck in a league they cannot get out of. It will also allow more money to reach ground roots levels to develop our own Scottish talent. But this will never happen. Why not? Greed. The people in these organisations are greedy and will never merge, too many noses will be knocked out of place.

A second way to ensure progress is to scrap the idea of an “SPL 2”. This would only further divide the three governing bodies and mean the pyramid system, if it came into effect, would be a shambolic mess. The idea focuses on the basis of having a ten team league, which would drive fans away, no fan wants this. The league is boring enough as it is, not for the fact that the standard is poor, I for one think that the football played in the SPL is very good, but when playing the same team four times a season it becomes repetitive.

Lastly the Scottish football needs an innovative idea, it needs good exposure. In recent times the SPL has been in the news all over the world, for the wrong reasons. Its time it did something good. It needs to take on an idea, such as goal line technology, and pioneer it for the world. The powers that be should ask FIFA if it can an idea like this. This will drag the world attention to the Scottish game for the right reasons. This of course is a risk, but if it succeeds, the world will see that Scottish football can be successful.

By Matthew Byiers


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