Rangers Supporters Trust clash with ArabTRUST over sectarian comments


After Wednesday’s statement by the ArabTRUST over the alleged sectarian singing by Rangers supporters at Tannadice in midweek, the Rangers Supporters Trust has launched their own attack, directly aimed at the ArabTRUST and what they see as a history of sectarian language from the United fan group.

The initial ArabTRUST statement said, “Members of ArabTRUST have reported that illegal sectarian chants were sung by ‘fans’ of Glasgow Rangers at Tannadice Park last night.”

“These chants were heard throughout the stadium and ArabTRUST condemns these so-called supporters who bring down their football club and tarnish the reputation of our national sport. ArabTRUST has accordingly reported the matter to the relevant authorities.”

However the secretary of the Rangers Supporters Trust, Gordon Stewart, contacted Scotzine.com over the ArabTRUST’s statement and questioned their motives as they were alleged to have ‘a history of sectarian language’.

Gordon Stewart said, “the Rangers Supporters Trust are an organisation who are committed to eradicating all forms of prejudice in society. The Arabtrust releasing a press statement insinuating their aim is to eradicate sectarianism at the same time as using sectarian language means their motives must be called into question.”

It is obvious the “h*n” word has been used throughout the history of the Arabtrust. This word has been declared offensive and sectarian in a court of law and also by Nil by Mouth.”

However the ArabTRUST hit back at the Rangers Supporter’s Trust comments.

ArabTRUST Spokesman Christopher Bennison said, “According to Uefa the ‘H’ word is neither sectarian, illegal nor bigoted. What we did with our Wednesday night statement was against fans that RST presumably condemn themselves. This isn’t ArabTRUST against RST or Rangers FC. I really don’t understand why RST see this as their fight. The issue ArabTRUST have raised is about the deliberate and public, offensive and sectarian chants from factions of the Rangers support.”

“The fact that this behaviour is illegal has been clarified by the police, the Scottish government, the SFA, Uefa and Glasgow Rangers FC themselves. It seems to me that nobody connected with Rangers,that I’m aware of, wants to look into or acknowledge the chants on Tuesday night, all we seem to be getting back is ‘What about you, what about them, what about this, what about that?’ Which I can only assume is to deflect from the original matter which RST would rather not address and turn it into something else.”

Bennison added, “It’s as if RST are saying ‘We now understand that this wasn’t an attack on Rangers per se, but we’re still hacked off and we now want ArabTRUST to come out and say A, B and C, or else we’re going to going to report you for X, Y and Z and we’ll be looking out for opportunities to try and hurt your organisation’.”

“I would question what benefit RST feel they themselves will get from sending material to Scotzine.com. It’s not going to change the chanting that happened on Tuesday night and trying to discredit ArabTRUST does not discredit the Wednesday night statement.”

“Relations between ArabTRUST and RST are obviously strained at the moment, we did have a good rapport previously but right now, it’s as if they are trying to defend those Rangers fans guilty of sectarian chants by trying to discredit us. As far as I am aware, they’ve still not specifically condemned the chanting at Tannadice, it looks like they’ve instead made it a priority to spend hours digging out screenshots.”


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