Rangers issue embarrassing statement on AJ’s comments


As we reported briefly yesterday, Rangers had to issue an embarrassing backtracking statement to the Stock Exchange, after their ‘man in the know’ Chairman Alastair Johnston gaffed, by saying that the Ibrox side could go bust to the assembled press.

In front of a packed press conference yesterday morning, Johnston told the mainstream media that the club could go to the wall if they lost the HMRC tax case, and that he was not sure if the Craig Whyte buyout would happen.

Hours later though, Rangers issued an embarrassing statement with the Rangers Chairman backtracking over his comments from the morning, arguing that he did not say the Ibrox side could go out of business, labelling those claims as ‘totally misleading’.

Mr Johnston was clearly asked if the club’s existence was under threat, he said: “The reality is that ‘is it possible?’ Yes. There could be a judgment .. and at the point the club can’t pay. There is a point in time you can’t pay and accessing all the resources, yes you couldn’t pay.”

And when further asked if the club could go bust, the Rangers Chairman nodded.

However his comments sparked chaos within the corridors of Rangers, with the club forced to issue a statement to the Stock Exchange to allay any fears, which would have had a huge impact on the club’s finances, which could have seen creditors calling in their debts all at once.

Continuing his back tracking, Johnston said, “Maybe we would have trouble paying a large tax bill but it does not mean we would be going out of business. To say we could go out of business is totally incongruous as there would be a lot of options open to us in those circumstances. We have sent a note to the Plus Markets clarifying that I did NOT state the club could go out of business.”

Rangers fans must be wondering what the hell is going on at their club. Claims and then counter claims, the Rangers Chairman backtracking over his own comments on the same day, their manager saying that the bank is running the club, then the club coming out saying that the club is being run by the board and not by the bank, and then Johnston yesterday admitting finally that the bank was calling the shots. And on top of all that the uncertainty surrounding Craig Whyte’s takeover and the [HMRC] tax issue that is hanging over Ibrox like a big black cloud. Confusing and somewhat desperate times at Ibrox.


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