Radio Scotland descends into Civil War Chick Young & Jim Traynor at loggerheads


Yesterday’s Radio Scotland broadcast of Scottish Football yesterday descended into civil war, as pundits Jim Traynor and Chick Young clashed over the recent gaffe by Rangers Chairman Alastair Johnston when he agreed that Rangers could go bust and then hours later denied saying that Rangers could go bust at all.

For a good twenty or so minutes the duo battled over the issue and trading insults. It was a hilarious encounter for those listening in, the professionalism of the duo flew out the window as if they were a couple of kids fighting over a toy.

Chick Young stated that if Alastair Johnston denied nodding in the affirmative to the question being asked, in regards to the club going bust, then he would be lying. He also called the Daily Record liars and that they as a newspaper have lied before, while labelling Jim Traynor and the Daily Record as puppets of Rangers Football Club.

Jim Traynor in response stated Young’s comments were hilarious coming from a man who has been a 20 year-long cheerleader for the Ibrox club.

However there was much more within the show to wet the appetites of those listening, and we shall let the audio file do any further talking. Enjoy.


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