Opinion: Congratulations to Livingston and commiserations to Stirling Albion


As one goes up the other comes down and at least some of next year is settled. Livingston, two years after being sent into purgatory or the Third Division are back in the First. Back to back titles for any club is impressive and Gary Bollan and the lads have to be congratulated in taking the Second Division title back to Almondvale to accompany last year’s Third Division trophy. Livingston will be back with their full-time set up in the league where full-time set ups have been questioned in
Greenock and Dumfries and it makes for a fascinating year to come.

Stirling have returned to the Second Division. The experiment with fan power will drop a division and the Jocky Scott resurgence having been a mirage, it will be a fascinating next year for Albion also. Under Allan Moore Stirling had a wee bit of a reputation as a yo-yo club between the First and the Second Division but with him flying mid table with new charges, it would appear to be a description that has survived his moving away and the second division shall have them back amongst them next year.

Just who will stay in the First or join them in the Second or escape the Third is still to come.

Written by Donald C. Stewart


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