El-Hadji Diouf: A stain on the Rangers shirt


There have been many panto-villains to grace the Scottish game from John Hartson (who kicked Eyal Berkavic in the face during training) to Roy Keane (who broke Alf Inge Haaland’s leg in a revenge attack for what Haaland had done to Keane in a previous game) but there is no one to my recollection who sinks as low as one El-Hadji Diouf. This man should never be anywhere near the Scottish game down to his sickening and disgusting acts. It’s all well and good Ally McCoist, Walter Smith and Scott Booth telling us to talk about his footballing abilities and to keep his previous misdemeanours in the past, but why should we? He has had enough chances.

The guy in my opinion is pure scum, the lowest of the low, and in the immortal words of QPR manager Neil Warnock, “I was going to call him a sewer rat, but that might insult the sewer rats. I think he’s the lowest of the low.”

Wondering why Neil Warnock is so scathing of Diouf? Well in the recent FA Cup game between Blackburn Rovers and QPR a 50/50 tackle left Scottish International Jamie Mackie with a double leg break. And while everyone else was concerned for the youngster what was Diouf doing? Well not only was short of sympathy for Mackie he also launched a tirade of abuse at the kid, allegedly saying “Fuck you and fuck your leg!”

And now he is plying his trade at a Scottish club!

Walter Smith this week somewhat delusionally claimed that the level of media coverage of Diouf’s move to Rangers was more than what a Serial Killer would get. This just goes to show that the strain must be getting to the Rangers manager if he believes that statement, whether it was said in jest or not. Even the Ibrox side’s own fans are split on seeing their beloved light blue jersey on the frame of El Hadji Diouf. Of course some love him because he spat on a Celtic fan, but others the realists know what Diouf is all about, and what kind of person he really is. This is not a Celtic v Rangers issue. This is an issue about a disgusting and vile creature being allowed to ply his trade in our league.

Full List of Diouf’s Misdemeanours – if you can call some of them that….

  • In 1999-2000, Diouf was convicted with Driving without a licence and was involved in a car crash. He was handed community service by a sympathetic French court.
  • March 2003, while playing for Liverpool in a UEFA Cup match against Celtic, Diouf spat at Celtic fans and was fined two weeks wages by the Anfield side. He was given a two match ban by UEFA and was charged with assault also. He eventually pled guilty and was handed a £5,000 fine. He later claimed that he spat at the fan who patted him on the head, because in his country it was a gesture used by slave traders in his country years before. Like a wee ned from Dennistoun would know the cultural meaning behind a tap on the head  in Senegal.
  • November 2004 Diouf was charged by Police for spitting at an 11-year-old Middlesborough fan when on loan at Bolton.
  • And later the same month he spat in the face of Portsmouth player Arjan de Zeeuw. He was fined two weeks wages by Blton and was banned for three games by the FA after pleading guilty to a charge of improper conduct.
  • September 2009, Diouf racially abused a ball boy during a match against Everton at Goodison Park, telling him to ‘fuck off, white boy.’ Diouf tried to defend his actions by saying that Everton fans were racially abusing and throwing bananas at him, but police found no evidence backing up his claims.
  • April 2010, Diouf was arrested and charged with motoring offences in Manchester.
  • 8th January 2011, during Blackburn’s 1-0 win over QPR in the FA Cup Third Round, Diouf is accused of verbally abusing Jamie Mackie while the Scot was lying on the pitch injured with a double leg break.
  • On top of all those misdemeanours, Diouf also spat at a West Ham fan, a threatened a team-mate while at Sunderland and is promptly sold three days later, and in 2005 a Senegalese prosecutor demanded Diouf be handed a six month jail term for punching the ex-wife of team-mate Khalilou Fadiga in a Dakar night club, and was banned for 12 months for drink driving offences in 2005 also.

These incidents are not the actions of an immature guy who did something stupid, these are the actions of a cretin, a scum and vile creature who should not be given any more chances, no matter what Walter Smith says, he has had too many chances before and has spat in the faces of those who gave him one last chance.

And while it may be wrong of me to say, but I was actually glad to see Ian Black tackle Diouf the other night there, pity he didn’t leave the park like wee Jamie Mackie did, would certainly have made Diouf eat his words thats for sure:

I will leave the final word to Craig Burley, whose comments I back wholeheartedly for once:


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