Diouf launches hypocritical claim at Celtic’s Brown


Rangers midfielder El Hadji Diouf has reportedly slammed Celtic captain Scott Brown for comments made during Sunday’s Old Firm Cup clash, according to Sky Sports.

Diouf claims that Brown abused him throughout Sunday’s game at Ibrox as the Old Firm rivals drew 2-2, implying that Brown tried to get him sent off by provoking him into reacting.

However Diouf insists that he was too strong to react to Brown, who then labelled the Celtic captain as ‘a nobody.’

Diouf said, “I refused to react. Why should I react to him? No one knows him – I’m too big and too strong for him.”

“Brown tried all sorts of things to get me sent off. He said some nasty things about me and my family on the pitch – but I am too big for him.”

“He can say all the nasty things he wants. I won’t react. He just wants publicity because if I react then people are going to say that El-Hadji Diouf did something wrong.”

In my opinion unless Scott Brown resorted to sectarian, racist or homophobic comments then what’s wrong with some barracking? cricketers noise up the opposition all the time as do Rugby players and yet you don’t hear of them complaining about receiving abuse do you? So why are footballers any different? Because they get paid tens of thousands of pounds a week?

Also is Diouf trying to convince us that he is not a publicity seeker? Has anyone seen his Gold Plated Jeep? Is he trying to tell us that he has not launched abuse at fellow professionals? Jamie Mackie anyone? And is he trying to convince the good people of Scotland that he is holier than thou? The same so-called man who spat in the face of an 11-year-old Middlesborough fan. Not to mention fellow professionals. If he is trying to convince us that he has never done any barracking or dished out any abuse then he is a bare-faced liar.

If Diouf is the bigger man and is someone, why is that no one remembers anything football-wise about him? We only know Diouf because of his sick and thuggish antics on and off the field. But I guess some people measure their popularity in different ways to everyone else on Planet Earth.

Maybe Diouf should show Scottish Football how big he really is, how strong he is by actually playing football and getting on with the game rather than running to the papers to complain about a little bit of barracking.

You can dish it out, but you can’t take it Diouf? Your lucky you didn’t gob on Daniel Majstorovic, have you seen the size of him his revenge bogey would be the size of a baseball.

Source: Sky Sports


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