Scum nothing more: Celtic fans chant & sing during Minutes silence


I posted on a Celtic supporters forum several days ago about this weekend and the minutes silence. Through the majority of Celtic forums, fans were discussing it, whether they agree with it or not. I am a Celtic supporter and yes I am proud to be a Celtic fan, however I cannot stand by and let those Celtic fans who have shamed the name of the club and the descent amount of Celtic fans who impeccably observed the minutes silence, get away with it scot-free.

What I wrote the other day:

FACT IS – Remembrance weekend and Sunday is not glorifying war not celebrating the British Army its all about remembering the fallen.

Plenty of Irish from the South joined the British Armed Forces to fight in both world wars. And whatever your political beliefs or opinions on the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – you HAVE to respect peoples beliefs.

To stand and remember to respect the remembrance weekend/sunday is not being Pro-British it is about remembering those who have fallen, yet many people continually think that because you were a poppy YOU MUST BE Pro-British.

Once again its those folk who continually claim that Celtic are still a catholic club and that all celtic fans are catholic that probably think that wearing a poppy is about celebrating and glorifying war and the British military.

I have the utmost respect for those who do so and to defend their families, friends etc. Nowadays the phrase For Queen and Country is just that a phrase! In reality how many do you actually think are in the army because they want to defend the Queen etc.

I am sick to the back teeth of fans who stand up in mock protest against this without not having a clue about any of it. Yes plenty of fans protest because they know the facts etc, but how many do so because they follow the crowd?????

Fact is these men and women fought for the freedom that we take for granted everyday. I will be silent, I will not protest – it is not a Political statement to do so, it is showing respect to those who have fallen.

You can protest all you want before and after the silence – but during it respect peoples beliefs and opinions. If you can’t manage that then don’t turn up at the game.

Those fans who boo or shout or chant during the minutes silence will not only shame the club, they will also shame those fans who respect the minutes silence and then just bring further criticism and abuse on our club.

Celtic and their fans claim of being multi-cultural and respecting other peoples beliefs – so why do some believe that Remembrance weekend/Sunday is exempt from this?

How many Celtic fans fought in both wars? How many Celtic fans died in both wars? How many Celtic fans have died since WW2 in wars? How many Celtic players died in both wars?

Fact is there have been plenty of fans and players alike who have died doing what THEY believe in, you have the right to believe in what you deem fit – however we will be shaming the memory of the likes of William Angus and Peter Johnstone – both Celtic players – Johnstone was the most famous of the Celtic players who fought and died during WW1. If Celtic fans boo or chant or sing during the minutes silence they will be shaming their memory and in reality, I would be ashamed to be labelled as a fellow fan by these people who do so.


Sadly however as I expected, Celtic fans interrupted the minutes silence by singing a republican song in protest. First of all – yes they have a right to protest and I cannot deny anyone the right to protest, however the fact is in my opinion those fans who broke the minutes silence are scum of the highest order.

Yes, I expect to come under attack from those who believe in the protest that was made. Within Celtic’s social statement they state:

“Celtic Football Club is for people who want to support a football club that strives for excellence in Scotland and in Europe, is proud of its history, supportive of its local community and seeks to support the following aims: “To maximise all opportunities to disassociate the Club from sectarianism and bigotry of any kind. To promote Celtic as a Club for all people, regardless of gender, age, religion, race or ability.”

Yet these fans whoever they are, have now given ammunition to the newspapers and rivals who will label the club and the fans scum. It will be splashed all across the papers from north and south of the border deeming ALL celtic fans as disrespecting the minute silence and those who fell for the freedom we take for granted. Whether or not it was 10, 100 or 1,000 who protested.

Those Celtic fans who decided to sing and protest have shamed the memories of those Celtic players – Willie Angus, John McLaughlin, Archie McMillan, Leigh Roose, Donnie McLeod, Robert Craig and Peter Johnstone – and Celtic fans who fought and/or died during the wars.

Fact is the majority of those who stood outside are probably a bunch of wee lads from the west of scotland who were never around when the troubles were in full swing. They glorify actions of a group of men, knowing nothing of the experiences that occurred other than reading books, listening to stories and watching movies.

I detest talking about politics or religion on this website, but when such an incident takes place I have to speak my mind no matter the consequences. I hope that the club and the newspapers name and shame the fans who did protest. But just like last season, it is a minority of fans who did so – however that is no excuse and should not be used as such.

Remembrance weekend is all about RESPECT and those who protested have now lost the club the RESPECT they earned over the years for their charity, anti-sectarian/bigotry and other work.

I finish this article off with a comment I made in the article I posted above – “How many Celtic fans fought in both wars? How many Celtic fans died in both wars? How many Celtic fans have died since WW2 in wars? How many Celtic players died in both wars? How many Irish from the south, or those Catholics from the North have joined and fought in the British military in the world wars and to the present time and have fallen also?”


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Andy Muirhead is the Editor of Scotzine and the Scottish Football fanzine FITBA. He is the Scottish Football columnist for The Morning Star and has written for a number of other publications including ESPN, Huffington Post UK, BT Life's a Pitch and has had his work featured in the Daily Record, The Scotsman and the Daily Mail.

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